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Midlife Mischief Club
It's not a crisis if you're having fun
Whether it's learning to ride motorcycles, keeping fit, eating well, picking up a musical instrument, creating art, starting a business, growing your own...tomatoes, Jon and Alvin discuss the midlife mischief they've been getting up to. Join us on our adventures! It's not a "crisis" if you're having fun!

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Jon Altschuler

Over the past 20 years Jon has walked the line between Creative and Technology, combining two of his passions. Most recently as a leader of Liveperson's Conversational Ai Engineering team, Jon helped brands to leverage automation to enhance their customer connection. A creative jack-of-all-trades and team leader, he lives to learn something new every day.

Started in 2020, Herbie is a passion project Jon began to help people suffering with chronic pain, sleeplessness, stress and other issues by bringing high-quality, affordable CBD/Hemp based products to market. Learn more at helloherbie.com